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Chromastics Hair Color is a classic small American business success story. This company was founded by Tom Dispenza and Peter Ciotti in 2004, two very successful salon industry professionals. After Ciotti attended one of Dispenza’s hair color classes, they had a lengthy conversation. Ciotti asked “Why haven’t you launched your own hair color company?” Dispenza said, “Peter, that has always been my dream!” So, Ciotti then said, “Let’s work together to make this dream come true!” They pooled every penny and resource they had to start a uniquely new and different American hair color company.

Chromastics Is Designed With Organic Chemistry

Organic hair color chemistry is based on a combination of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. These are the organic ingredients that are combined to create every shade of Chromastics Hair Color.

Professional Chromastics Hair Color Products

Chromastics offers permanent hair color, liquid toners and refreshers. When Chromastics was launched in 2004, the response was very positive. Hair colorists immediately saw the difference of the way the hair color performed. They saw the difference in the reduced “fade-age” that was not present as in other companies and the integrity of the hair.

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